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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Friendly Plastic - How to make Hibiscus Like Flowers

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I love flowers! They always lift my mood! With Spring in full bloom in my yard, I took inspiration from Nature to bring this segment to you.

Friendly Plastic is a versatile modeling medium that becomes soft and pliable when heated and retains its shape when cooled.

Simply cut a square of your favorite color of Friendly Plastic and heat with a heat tool on a non-stick worksurface.  Let it cool slightly before picking it up.Pinch and ruffle the edges with your finger. Cut a long thin triangle and insert it into the center for the stamen.  Create the leaves by cutting teardrop shapes with scissors, heating and drawing vein marks with a needle tool.

Arrange your flowers into a pleasing arrangement and glue them down with tacky glue.
As you can see, I glued my pieces to a filigree jewelry finding and added some vintage lace to a book.  So many possibilities to turn this into jewelry, vintage inspired designs, decorate photo albums, picture frames and so much more.

Leave your ideas in the comment box!

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bangle Bracelets with Friendly Plastic and Copper Wire - New Video

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Friendly Plastic Copper Wire Bangle Bracelet How-To Tutorial

Today, I'm back sharing a great mixed media jewelry project made with Friendly Plastic.  I love to combine other materials such as copper wire with Friendly Plastic to create truely unique and one of a kind jewelry designs. In this how to video tutorial, I show you how to combine the Fracture and Fusion technique with copper wire to create gorgeous one of a kind bangles.  This is one project that is so quick and easy and fun you can make multiple bangles in a matter of minutes to share and give as gifts. Watch the 3 minute how to video here
  •  Here's what you will need to make the Friendly Plastic Copper Wire Bangle
  • Friendly Plastic metallic strips  in your colors of choice
  • Heavy duty scissors
  • Non-Stick worksurface
  • Heat tool
  • WireForm(R) Soft Copper Rods
  • Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Bowl of cold water
  1. Cut strips of Friendly Plastic into 1/4" widths and then into 1 inch sections
  2. Place the strips together onto a non-stick worksurface and heat until you can press in a fingerprint. Allow to cool in bowl of water
  3. Trim the piece with scissors so that the edges are even.  It will be approximately 1 inch tall and about 3 inches wide (or use a desired width)
  4. Flip the cooled strip upside down onto the workmat and heat the backside until you can press in a fingerprint. Slightly raise one edge.
  5. Center the wire over the Friendly Plastic at the top edge and roll the Friendly Plastic strip around the wire. Roll back and forth over the seam to smooth.
  6. Wait until  the Friendly Plastic is almost cooled (very slightly warm) and begin bending into a bangle shape.
  7. Create loops at the end of wire with pliers and wrap additional lengths of wire around the bangle to embellish.
Wear and Enjoy! Friendly-Plastic-bangle TIP:  Use different colors and gauges of wires for an interesting variation. There are several ways to heat Friendly Plastic.  For this particular technique, I use a heat tool because it's easy and fast.  You can also use a griddle, hot water method or oven.        

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Linda Peterson is compensated and endorsed by AMACO. The guests features may or may not have any affiliation with AMACO.


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